This is the daughter site of our main engineering enterprise, AMDL.




AMDL engineering website



AMDL uses powerful CAD tools to provide a range of engineering support services. Although the models on this site are primarily for fun, they were developed using the same precision CAD software and engineering expertise.



Graphic menu showing all models along with associated links Giza Necropolis Seaforth Stella Picture House Facade Seaforth Sandy Road lamp 3d printer file Fireship game CTD RC delta Scimitar free-flight glider Snickersnee RC slope soarer Scoot RC electric speed boat Sabre RC thermal soarer Musketeer RC multi-purpose soarer Fulmar RTP model aircraft Bancroft Roman Villa Motte and Bailey castle Moon Base Squirrel - Hollow-Face Illusion Model Semi-detached English house DIY card animals The Little Tipper Truck Concept Coupe Seaforth Police Station